It’s Roan! And she’s….earthbending?

Wait, wait?!

Okay, this is something I’m having a massive internal argument with myself over. There’s a magic system in Overworld based upon the crystals, however I also have a pair of Gods, one of Law and one of Disorder. The god of law’s domain is earth, metal and other such solid objects whereas the domain of the god of Disorder is wind, water etc. I already have a character who uses different magic to what the common people of the world are aware of, granted directly by the God of disorder, he manipulates a kind of black watery fluid. 

However, when I came to think of the opposing magic given by the God of Law, or earth, all I could think of was Earthbending! 

The annoying thing is that I love the visual style of earthbending. One of my favourite things about avatar is the way that the powers extend and amplify each of the movements made by the character and, considering I see Roan as a very active character, it’s something I’d really like. 

However, even though I reached this point via in-canon reasoning, I still can’t help but feeling that I’ve just stolen it. 

So I’m struggling to find something else that would give the same visual appeal and would fit into the religions of Overworld but isn’t a cheap earthbending ripoff.

And I’m wondering if it’s worth sacrificing something that I really like the look and feel of because it’s shown somewhere else. I mean, there are plenty of fantasy things with manipulation of the 4 basic elements, why can’t mine.

But then I think I’m just being lazy, even though I can’t think of anything that fits as well! 

Damnit. If anyone has any thoughts or advice on this or other things I could try, I’d really appreciate it ‘cause I feel like I’ve put up a wall that I can’t see over anymore.  

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