our hoodies - batgirl (babs tarr/cameron stewart design)

something i REALLY wanted us to get done before our US trip and thus couldn’t get out of my head till now TuT i know i want to give it a remake but i think it’s not that bad for a first try! ♥ obviously based on babs tarr and cameron stewart's new batgirl design :3 i even forced kairi to be a model again heheh~ I’M SO SORRY for so many photos but i really love all the tiny details and couldn’t decide on what to include ORZ

That is a pretty nice hoody!




I was delighted to contribute this print to Sabrina’s kickstarter for her short comic, Bleeding Heart. It’s exclusive to the kickstarter, and you can get it (along with the comic itself and other goodies, of course!) in the tiers The Whispering Trees, The Ancient Arts, The Forest Spirit, and The Afternoon Tea. Go take a look at all the cool stuff available!!

Only 5 DAYS TO GO on the Bleeding Heart Kickstarter!

One of the upper tier slots has opened up- grab the very last “EVERYTHING BUNDLE”, including this beautiful print by Quillery, my two previous sketchbooks, and a color commission! 



Here is all of Wrex’s ‘background chatter’ from the party in the Citadel DLC.  As usual, the order goes from sober to drunk.  His laughs alone are worth the price of admission.

I will eventually post the background chatter for every character.  If you’d like to, track ‘#mass effect sound’  That’s the tag I use for any audio files I post from the game.  

Next up… Tali.

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